Upcoming Events/Exhibits

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Arts History Lecture Series Spring 2023

Join us every Friday, through April 14, for our new lecture series with speakers Dr. Katharine Scherff & Bryan Wheeler, Ph.D.

Tradition Interrupted

Open April 29, 2023 – July 23, 2023

Tradition Interrupted is an international group exhibition that explores the methods used by artists to conflate contemporary ideas with traditional art and craft in a range of media, from rugs and mosaics to metalwork and ceramics. The eleven artists in the exhibition hail from around world.

The artists of Tradition Interrupted are merging age-old media and technique with innovation, and re-visioning culturally historic ideas to create new work that interrupt traditional practice but still collaborates with the past. For generations, traditional craft and art practices held steadfast and often visually defined a culture. Today, artists are unraveling certain traits and facets of these ancient customs to redefine or reclaim them for the contemporary world.

50 Greatest Wildlife Photographs

Open May 2023 through August 2023

For 115 years, National Geographic has pioneered and championed the art of wildlife photography, and captivated generations of engaged audiences with a steady stream of extraordinary images of animals in nature. From the very first such image to appear – a reindeer in 1903 – National Geographic Society’s publications have broken new ground and push the bar higher again and again, establishing an unmatched legacy of artistic, scientific, and technical achievement.


Rodeo Girl

Open August 2023 through January 2024

Women and horses have been an integral part of the West Texas landscape since Anglo settlement.  This exhibit seeks to showcase the beautiful riding ensembles in the collection of the Museum of Texas Tech University’s Clothing and Textile Division as well as those borrowed from women competing in rodeo today.