Fall 2023 Arts History Lecture Series

         Friday Mornings:

Coffee and Conversation – 10:30 am      |      Lecturer Presentation – 11:00 am

Arts History Lecture Series

Arts History Lectures will be held at the Helen DeVitt Jones Sculpture Court – (Enter Through the West Doors).

$45.00 • Entire Semester

$7.00 • Individual Lecture

Students with ID’s are FREE

Fall 2023 Semester Schedule: 

  • *Sept. 8: Introduction and Art in the Prehistoric World
  • *Sept.  15: Neolithic Art and the Earliest Civilizations
  • Sept 22: Old Kingdom Egypt and Neighboring Cultures
  • Sept. 29:  New Kingdom Egypt and the Rise of Society-based Art
  • Oct. 6: Aegean and Early Greek Art: The Formation of Classical Society
  • Oct. 13: The Golden Age of Creation: Greek Art through the Hellenistic Period
  • Oct. 20: Roman Art and the Standardization of Artistic Thinking
  • Oct. 27: Early Christian Art and the Spread of Religious-based Aesthetics
  • Nov. 3: The Romanesque and Gothic Periods: A Strive for Uniformity
  • Nov. 10: The Italian Renaissance and Why It Changed Our View of Art
  • Nov. 17: The High Renaissance with the Rising Role of the Artist
  • Nov. 24: NONE- Thanksgiving week
  • Dec. 1: The Northern Renaissance and the New Medium of Oil Paint

* Free Days

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